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Bruce Jenner Underwent Over 10 Hours of Facial Plastic Surgery For Caitlyn Transformation

When Caitlyn Jenner finally came out to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair I literally yelped with excitement. I, along with the rest of you, have been anxiously waiting to see what ‘she’ would really look like. I have to admit, Caitlyn looks much more lady-like than I expected, in fact she looks pretty […]

Chris Brown Thinks Tamar Braxton Looks Like a Muppet ~ And He’s Kinda Right!?

Chris Brown threw a hissy fit online yesterday after Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon insulted his relationship with Karrueche Tran. Tamar and Adrienne, who co-host “The Real”, insinuated that Chris Brown’s girlfriend simply puts up with him because she and her friends love the fame and, clearly, their statements hit a nerve with hot-headed Chris, […]

Check Out Ariana Grande Before She Had Plastic Surgery!

Ariana Grande is an up and coming starlet who seems to have a bright career in Hollywood ahead of her. But, did Ariana sell her soul to a plastic surgeon in order to achieve her picture perfect profile in hopes of coming out ahead in the image-centric world of Hollywood? If you compare pictures of […]

Man Gets $100k in Plastic Surgery to Look Like Justin Bieber. Fails Miserably.

In a desperate attempt to claim the role of Justin Bieber's doppelganger, a 33-year-old Los Angeles man named Toby Sheldon has undergone $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like the Canadian pop star, and he's not done yet. It's awkward enough that a grown man would admit to idolizing Justin Bieber [...]

Barbara Eden’s Transformation from Gorgeous Genie to Facelift Fanatic

Remember Barbara Eden? In her most infamous role as Jeannie in the television sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie,” Barbara could make almost anything appear just by blinking her eyes. These days, however, Barbara Eden’s extensive plastic surgery may prevent her from doing even that [...]

Arrested Development Fans Distracted By Portia Derossi’s New Face

The fourth season of Arrested Development debuted over the weekend and fans that have been waiting nearly 7 years since the last season ended and the show was canceled, are pretty darn excited. One thing that fans seemed to be confused about is that Porti Derossi no longer looks like Portia Derossi! Immediately after the [...]

Bristol Palin before and after surgery

What do you think about the beauty of Bristol Palin before and after surgery?

Obviously, every famous star craves for the most perfect look in their fans’ eyes. Thus, it costs them a lot money, time, effort or even pain to beautify themselves without hesitation. There are also celebrities undergoing plastic surgeries to look more charming in the hope of catching more attention of audiences. However, what makes their fans concern the most is their talent and effort in work, absolutely not their faces and bodies. Why they have to change their natural beauty, due to plastic surgery and then try to hide the truth from the local press, the public as well.

Bristol Palin before and after surgery

Let’s take Bristol Palin before and after surgery as the typical example. It’s undoubtedly said that she is extremely talented at the age of 23. Besides being the oldest daughter of the former Republican vice presidential candidate-Sarah Palin, this teen mom is not only an American speaker but also a reality show personality. The first time she appeared in public was on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” show and kept drawing audiences’ attention by taking up the fall 2010 season of ABC’s celebrity dance-competition show “Dancing with the Stars”.

Bristol Palin plastic surgery

Unfortunately, the-23-year-old reality star has got trouble with cosmetic surgery scandal. The images of Bristol Palin before and after surgery have made audiences really disappointed.  Particularly, when she appeared at the Candies Foundation event in New York, it has been so hard for everybody to recognize her with a whole new look. It was rumored that she had undergone some pretty extreme plastic surgery, as the face of Bristol Palin before and after surgery looks dramatically different. Now, she has hollow cheek which she can hardly ever have before. Similarly, her neck seems sender. The change that is easily recognized the most is the chin of Bristol Palin before and after surgery. It looks more pointed. Therefore, it appears that Bristol has had liposuction on her neck and chin as well as a chin implant and a mini brow lift. However, the candidate of “Dancing with the stars” show still insisted that she hadn’t been under the knife and she just had had corrective jaw surgery. She didn’t forget to swear it for her health. It’s a pity that she was cute and tender with her natural face. Now, her brand new chin looks so horrible which turns her face a witch. She is getting uglier and older than before, so why she has to loss her natural beauty because of plastic surgery.

Bristol Palin plastic surgeryBristol Palin plastic surgery

Although good-looking appearance plays an important role in famous stars’ success in Hollywood world, their friendly characteristics, talent, effort and absolutely their natural beauty always be highly appreciated. Thus, let’s shine with your talent and be proud of your natural beauty, our idols.

Minimizing Bruising After Facelift Surgery

Bruising is an inevitable part of recovery following facelift surgery.  But fortunately enough, there are ways to control the symptom, which may potentially speed up your healing process and minimize risk of complications.

One way to minimize post-op bruising is to control bleeding, which starts even before surgery.  At least two weeks prior to facelift surgery, patients are required to avoid blood-thinners like aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent increased bleeding and delayed recovery.

Take note that a skilled surgeon will know the surgical techniques that would minimize bleeding, bruising and other post-op symptoms and at the same reduce the risk of numbness and potential complications associated with facial plastic surgery.  Just to be on the safe side, make sure your doctor has board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

The longer and extensive the surgery is, the more bruising and swelling you have to expect.  For instance, performing facelift simultaneously with eyelid surgery and/or brow lift can lead to more post-op symptoms and longer recovery.

Hematoma is a medical term used to describe significant bruising caused by blood clots that form underneath the skin.  While this is fairly common with any plastic surgery procedure, in some cases it requires drainage to preserve skin viability and avoid heavy scarring.

Right after surgery, bruising is on its highest peak.  In an attempt to control this, your doctor will make sure that your blood pressure does not get too high, which is the main cause of bleeding.  Also, he may recommend medicines that can control blood pressure, minimize post-op pain, and reduce anxiety and nausea that will all contribute to a convenient recovery.

Vomiting may be detrimental to your recovery as it increases the blood supply to your face, which can increase the risk of hematoma.  Certain drugs like narcotics could also induce nausea, so your doctor might recommend meds that could minimize their effects.

Some doctors suggest compression garment to minimize swelling, bruising, hematoma, and other post-op symptoms in an attempt to hasten the recovery, although not every surgeon recommends its use.

Some plastic surgeons also recommend the use of herbal supplements like Arnica Montana; however, the consensus is that homeopathic medicines should not be taken for more than 10 days after surgery.

Arnica Montana and other homeopathic medicines are believed to boost the body’s healing response and minimize bruising and swelling even with a few small doses.

Is Love Blind or Is Snooki a Bad Friend?

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi posted a picture on Instagram recently and it got us to thinking…Either Snooki is blind, or she hates her BFF, Jenni “Jwoww” Farley. Jwoww and Snooki…What are they really thinking? Snooki posted the photo to her Instagram account with the comment: “Sexy biatch! @jennijwowwmtv“, aimed at her supposed best friend, Jenni “Jwoww” [...]

Sharon Osbourne Swears Off Of Plastic Surgery (Again) After Mastectomy

Sharon Osbourne has finally realized that her plastic surgery isn’t fooling anyone, and claims that she is done trying to turn back the clock by going under the knife. Apparently it only took a couple of leaky breast implants and hitting the big 6-0 to figure that one out. The television host has undergone a [...]
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