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Breast Augmentation Surgery—Should I Worry About Scarring?

Any surgery involves incision, which inevitably results to scarring.  However, it is the job of plastic surgeons to place it within the natural folds of skin and hidden areas to make the scars less noticeable.

If you are thinking about having breast augmentation, remember that the scar is a tradeoff you have to accept.  Fortunately though, the four incision sites used today aim to hide or at least make the “blemish” less obvious.

*  inframammary fold or breast crease incision

*  peri-areolar incision in which doctors make a U-shaped cut below the areola where the dark and light skin meets

*  transaxillary or armpit incision

*  trans-umbilical breast augmentation or navel incision technique

Currently, the most popular incision site is the inframammary fold.  Not only it allows surgeons to work close to the breasts, the technique also hides the scar within the natural folds of skin.

While high- or low-riding scar can be very problematic, remember that most board-certified surgeons are familiar with the inframammary incision, which has become the standard technique.

The peri-areolar incision may also hide the scar because it is strategically positioned in an area where the dark and light skin meets.  However, bear in mind that using large silicone implants may contradict the purpose of limiting the scars, so the technique is only ideal if you are planning to have minor to moderate “enlargement.”

Because silicone implants are pre-filled by the manufacturers, the incision must be 2-3 inches.  By contrast, saline implants need a shorter one, about 1-2 inches because they are only filled once inside the breast pocket.

Since saline implants can fit into smaller incisions, they are ideal if you are considering peri-areolar breast augmentation.  These implants are also recommended if you want to use your armpit as an incision site.

While it is possible to use silicone implants in armpit incision technique, your implant should be small.

If you have a dark complexion, your doctor may recommend this technique because the armpit is very resistant to scars.  Take note that Hispanic and African skin is about 16 times more likely to develop keloids than Caucasian skin.

You may also want to consider the trans-umbilical breast augmentation in which the incision is placed within the rim of your navel.  While the technique can provide great outcome and result to invisible scars, remember that it has a greater margin of error compared with other incision sites because doctors work far away from the breast pocket.

In many cases, accurate dissection of the implant pocket is the main goal of surgeons; as a result, TUBA is not as popular as the three incision sites in which the scar is also hidden.

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